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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Surly Furious Clone

This clone came from Midwest, it's a clone of Surly Furious. The recipe was given to the LHBS to sell (they call it Ferocious). It's my favorite IPA right now, and tastes like grapefruit. The Simcoe hops are hard to get ahold of sometimes.

Created with the brewers of Surly Brewing in Minnesota, this IPA uses 6 ounces of hops to create a bold brew that is rich in malt sweetness infused with bright hop flavor and aroma. Our ingredients for this recipe kit include 11 lbs. Golden Promise base malt, 1 lb. Munich 10L, 4 oz. Medium Crystal 50-60L, 1 oz. high-alpha bittering hops, 2 oz. Amarillo, 2 oz. Simcoe, 1 oz. Ahtanum hops, priming sugar, and WLP007 Dry English yeast.

Starter with WLP007 Dry English Ale yeast

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