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Friday, September 10, 2010

My Personal Kegerator now with Four Taps!

Here's a picture of my kegerator as it looked when I first built it. 20lb C02 tank with double gauge, single output regulator. Five gal Corney keg leads to a dispenser handle through the door of the fridge.

Here are a couple pictures after it was expanded to TWO taps. The third keg is cold conditioning. Also some frosty mugs up top in the freezer! Notice the selection of bottles has improved slightly hehe.

Soon I will have pics up as it looks currently with four tap handles. The freezer is now filled with hops. 


  1. Hehe it's worth a shot right? Actually a few of my regulars have been very generous which is greatly appreciated. I need to start a mug club. :) jk