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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Belgian Wit Ale


Malt Base: 6lbs Weizen (wheat) malt extract

Specialty Grains: 4oz flaked wheat, 4oz aromatic grain, 4oz cara-pils grain

Hops: 5HBU's Willamette (bittering) hops, 1/4oz Saaz (finishing) hops

Extra additives: 1Tbs coriander seeds, 1oz bitter orange peel

Yeast: Liquid Wyeast #3944

Results: This brew made for an interesting evening. Two grains (cracked) plus whole grains steeped made the house smell amazing. I found it interesting this kit contained much smaller packets of hops than usual. Near the end of the boil I added cracked coriander seeds and bitter orange peel. The coriander smelled very interesting; should be flavorful. This was the first brew I have done containing liquid yeast - 100 billion cells!

Here are all of my ingredients assembled.

Stovetop setup ready to boil

First we crack the grains, then add the flaked wheat (do not crack). 

Bring the water to a boil, then take off heat and steep grains 20 mins in muslim bag.

Next we add the malt extract (sugar is food for yeast).

Stir up malt to dissolve, then return to a boil. Add hops, stir 45 mins.

Here are the coriander seeds and orange peel ready for 10 min boil.

The finished wort, ready for cooling.

The cooled wort is poured through a strainer into the fermenter bucket and tap water added to reach 5gal mark. Note the hops and other sediment in the strainer and near the drain.

Wyeast is activated by breaking inner tablet and shaking. Let sit 3-6 hours until swollen. 100 billion cells!

Add Wyeast to wort in fermenter.

Store in 70degree garage under blanket away from sunlight.

Finished Product!

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