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Friday, September 10, 2010

Wisenheimer Wheat Ale

Wisenheimer Wheat Ale

A straw colored Wheat style ale with a crisp hoppy finish. Lighter bodied and easy drinking make this a favorite summertime beer. 
Malt Base: 6 lbs. Northwestern's Wheat Malt Extract 
Hops: 8 HBU Willamette (bittering) & .5 oz Cascade (finishing) 
Yeast: Ale 

Time in Fermenter: Ongoing (target - 3-4 weeks)

Results: I actually made a double batch of this brew, which is 10 gallons total. I bought two kits and used four gallons of water in a five gallon kettle. After adding the 12lbs total of malt extract the kettle was about to overflow! Crap. So I brought out me next-biggest kettle (maybe 2gal max) and split the boil up into two batches. I mixed those two batches back together into two fermenters and pitched the yeast. 

I will report back with updates on this one. 

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