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Friday, September 10, 2010

Peak Pale Ale - Extract Kit, Partial Boil

Good example of an American style Pale Ale. Medium bodied light colored ale with a definite spicey hop character. The best characteristic about Peak Pale Ale is its simple drinkability. 
Malt Base: 6 lbs. Northwestern's Gold Malt Extract 
Specialty Grains: 8 oz. Crystal & 4 oz. Carapils 
Hops: 10 HBU Target (bittering) & .5 oz. Willamette (finishing) 
Yeast: Ale 

Time in Fermenter: One week
Allowed to age and pressurize in keg ~few days

Results: Notice I only allowed this batch to sit in the fermenter for one week. I have learned that with ales, the fermentation is done after a few days and the beer can be kegged shortly after. Since I ran out of Novice Gold, we are kegging the Peak Pale a bit quicker than we may sometimes allow. More time allows clarity and refinement of taste. This beer is definitely hoppy and easy to drink. I have my kegerator temperature dialed in now as well as the carbonation and man am I having fun! 

This Peak Pale Ale required me to crack grains and steep them in the water bringing the malt extract to a boil. Then I add hops, boil for 45 mins, add the finishing hops and boil five more minutes.

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